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Lexmoto um vegas 125cc review

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Over view  

 Hello my fellow riders this is quite a ride review and today we're going to look at the UN Vegas 125cc Euro 4 motorbike now I would say this  motorbike is designed primarily for joyriding or Weekend fun now you can get a rack on the back so you can put A top box on it all you can buy the kit put the panniers on it they are rather expensive and because of the bike is being discontinued now you can't get them directly you'll have to get them from America  that being said if you can get hold of a second-hand one for somewhere in the region of £1,500 is going to be a nice bike as long as the bike was a properly looked after beforehand and had the service done when it was supposed to be    


 Turn the headquarters of you m is based in Los Angeles in America and as you can see the bike is very us is based on something like the Harley-Davidson I think is a bobber its sleek design and the lights are my favourite feature on this day, yeah no pretty unique they have 5 Low beam lights on the top and they have one single high beam light and it does nothing else on the market at the minute with that All the lights are bulb apart from the two sidelight which in the UK version I don't think the wired in the wiring is there  but not connected when they come over to the UK  I think it's something to do with the European spec vs the UK spec it does have that nice hump on the back of the seat which means that this bike was designed for one person only it does have the power to pull two people but it is not that sort of bike he could have done with some stainless steel exhaust system but that's my personal preference  


 Turn the UN Vegas 125cc Euro 4 motorbike  the engine is a zone Shane four-stroke 125 cc 5-speed electronic start engine is water-cooled and it comes out 11.7 horsepower or 8.7 kilowatt-hours you should be looking at getting somewhere in the region of 10  Newton metres of torque out of this the bike is very heavy for a 125 cc at 172 kg wet the seat height is 750mm  and the overall length is  2260mm it has hydraulic disc front and back a 16-in wheel on the front and a 15-inch on the back the back tyre is quite big at 140/90-15 comes with telescopic front forks and twin shock absorbers on the back you will be able to adjust her slightly and put a little bit of preload on it but it's not going to be that much you can I think this could be last 6 settings on  

Cost of riding    

Brand new this bike was £2,399  plus £100 OTR  it comes up 2 years warranty and that is a parts and labour warranty  most of the Chinese motorbikes these days have really good fuel economy with something this heavy you should be looking at about 80 miles to the gallon and this bike has a 17-litre tank at the minute that will cost you just under £20 to fill up when you buying this bike it will come with  the first year's tax which is  thrown in and then after it will be £20 insurance you should be looking at £350 to £500 for a 17-year old if you're looking to get one of these second-hand if it's a year old you should be looking at somewhere in the region of  £1,800 and      What do I think

 So this bike isn't for me but that's not because there's anything wrong with it the only reason I don't like these bikes and general the Cruiser type is because whenever I ride them they hurt my back the overall fit and finish of this bike is really really good that engine produces a lot of power and if it's a cruiser bike that you looking for for the price I don't think you can go far wrong remember with all Chinese motorbikes or all motorbikes in general you need to keep them service so that they stay at their peak quality so they stay at there best for  as long as possible if you take it out in the the winter make sure that you clean it regularly because the salt will eat into that metal it's a shame they haven't got a stainless steel exhaust system because  any motorbike with a metal exhaust system will eventually rust because of their heating and Cooling cycle of the engine running how does a matter where the bike is coming from  all bikes regardless of where they're from will rust if you do not look after them and do not clean them regularly so what should you take away from this if this is your sort of bike  and why not it is a really nice bike the price is good the quality is good the ride is good  

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