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Lexmoto RSS 125 Euro 5: A Balanced Review of a Powerful and Stylish Motorcycle

Introduction to the Lexmoto RSS 125cc

As a rider who has experienced various makes and models of motorcycles, I can confidently state that the Lexmoto RSS 125 Euro 5 is an impressive and well-balanced machine. Its liquid-cooled 125cc 4-stroke engine produces a powerful 14 horsepower, which comes close to the legal limit of 14.7HP in the UK. This power provides enough thrust to tackle any terrain with confidence. However, the bike's ability to hit the all-important 70 MPH speed is questionable, as Lexmoto states that it should just about reach this speed. Nonetheless, constantly thrashing the bike to achieve this maximum speed is not advisable, and riders should aim for a more sustainable 65 MPH speed.


The bike's design is undeniably stylish, and its availability in two dynamic colors, Crimson Red and Tuscany Yellow, adds to its appeal as an aggressive-looking naked scrambler. The 5" TFT display is intuitive and easy to navigate, providing riders with essential information. Additionally, the comfortable and stylish seat, coupled with a full LED light setup, enhances the bike's overall quality. However, some riders may find the seat height of 810mm a bit too high for comfort. While the bike can accommodate two people, it is better enjoyed solo or with other riders on their own bikes, as is the case with most small-capacity motorcycles.

The Lexmoto RSS 125 Euro 5 offers a smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to its telescopic forks and monoshock rear suspension. The bike's front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide optimal stopping power, ensuring the rider's safety. The bike's wheels are fitted with CST tubeless tires, which offer good traction in most weather conditions.


The bike's dimensions are generally suitable for most riders, with an overall length of 2070mm, a width of 818mm, and a height of 1130mm. However, shorter riders may find the 810mm seat height to be a bit of a challenge. Most 125cc bikes these days have a seat height around the 750mm mark. The bike's weight of 163kg may also prove to be challenging for some riders to maneuver.

Final thoughts

The Lexmoto RSS 125 Euro 5 is reasonably priced at £2899.99 +OTR. However, due to global events over the last four years, the prices of all bikes are higher than they should be. The two-year parts and labor warranty is a valuable addition. Riders should also consider the cost of maintenance and repairs, which can add a fair amount to running costs over time.

Overall, the Lexmoto RSS 125 Euro 5 is an excellent motorcycle that offers a perfect balance of performance, comfort, and style at an affordable price point. It's recommended to sit on one before buying, as most small-capacity motorcycle retailers do not offer test rides due to the majority of potential buyers only having a CBT.

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