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VOGE ER10 6000w Electric Motorcycle Review (Sur-Ron White Ghost)

125cc equivalent electric motorbike

Today we are going to be taking a look at the VOGE ER10 (SUR-RON) this is a 125cc equivalent electric motorbike there are a lot of pros to this electric motorcycle and some cons. Now what you have to decide is whether or not the pro’s out way the cons. I will give you all the information I can and I will let you make up your mind on this one I don’t want to add any of my biases to this whether good or bad. I will break this review down into a couple of sections SPEC, DESIGN, COMFORT, and COST, hopefully, by the end of this review you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether this bike is right for you or maybe you need to consider something else


Model ER10

Type L3e

Voltage 60

Watts 14kw

Maximum Speed 62 Mph

Charging Time 4 hours

Range 55 Miles

Bike Warranty 2 Years

Battery Warranty 3 Years

Grant Applicable Yes

Brand VOGE

That list looks great but without a bit of context, it won’t mean a great deal to anybody and can be a bit misleading. I will break it down so it can be absorbed. We’re going to start this out by model.

This is the ER10 which is the model of the bike. The UK type approval is category L3e- A1 and L3e-A2 vehicle means an electric two-wheel vehicle without a sidecar, having a maximum power of not more than 11kw and not more than 35kw respectively. The battery is made up of 432 18650 cells. The way that these are set is very important to the voltage and amps you get out of them. For example, if you take three cells, and put one in parallel and three in series you will get 3.6 volts at 7200ma, but if you use the same three batteries in 3 parallel one series you would get 10.8 volts at 2600ma. So, you take the 432 divided by voltage and amps you get 16 parallel and 27 series. This makes the battery voltage 60 volts and 70AH power.

They stated that this bike will do approximately 62 miles an hour but on a test ride speed reached approximately 58mph. This may increase once the bike is worn in, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Charging time states 4 hours, for the first 80% this would take half an hour, the remainder will take 3.5 hours. Mainly due to temperature controls as the last 20% increases as does the battery temperature.

The VOGE er 10 comes with 2 years parts and labour warranty and this covers anything that is classed as non-consumable i.e., the motor clocks led lights the frame rims, the controller and much more but won’t cover things like chains sprockets tyres and brake pads. Remember you need to keep your service records up to date and get the bike serviced by a trained mechanic who can stamp your book. This bike as it is an electric motorcycle it comes with a 3-year warranty on the battery up to 89% of original charging capacity this equates to approximately 1 charge a day for 3 years i.e. 1000 charges this is good because a replacement battery would come at approx. £2000+ if you could get one I couldn’t find one so it would probably be a buy direct from the manufacturer for this one.


Design with this motorcycle they have gone to quite a lot of effort in trying to make it as much like a petrol motorcycle as possible you’ll find with quite a lot of the smaller capacity electric motorbikes they’ve gone for minimal size just to try and keep the actual weight of the bike down, so the range can be increased as far as possible. They haven’t really gone for an approach on this bike because the max output on this motorcycle is 14,000 watts, which in theory should be able to carry pretty much anybody at 60 Mph. The model I test-rode didn’t quite get to 62 miles an hour but it was fairly close. 14,000 watts sounds like a lot but if you took the 14,000 Watt straight out of this bike and kept it at 14,000 more then it would pretty much run out of battery in about 3 minutes or so and would probably set on fire. These batteries can’t cope with the output of that amount of power for that amount of time. The average on this one is 6000 watts so you’re not going to get the out-and-out power of a high-spec 125CC motorcycle but what you are going to get is an electric motorcycle that looks amazing and is the correct size for a 125CC motorcycle and doesn’t look like a toy. Even though the range is a bit of an issue, it is going to be an issue for a lot of people as long as you are going to know exactly where you’re going from day-to-day then it can be used as a commuter bike.


The VOGE 6000-Watt 125CC equivalent motorcycle is a nice motorcycle the suspension is hard on this motorcycle; the seat is also hard with not much padding. But if you’re going to ride this bike at 55 miles an hour for 55 miles which you’re not going to get, but let’s just say for argument's sake you’re only ever going to be on this bike for one hour anyway, so comfort is probably not the main reason you’re going to buy this bike the main reason you’re going to buy this is the fuel prices in your car are really high and this bike is going to be good for reducing the amount that it may cost to ride about or move round we will get into that a little bit in a minute, when we go through the prices we will talk about how much it actually costs. Some people are going to buy this bike for the environment, some people are going to buy this bike for saving money on their journeys, and some people are going to buy it just because it is fun, and believe me, this bike is fun as long as you know where you going.

Cost of riding

Let’s get down to the brass. Everybody wants to know how much the vehicle is going to cost. Firstly, you’re going to be paying out £4184 pounds plus approximately £150-pound OTR.

The OTR charge covers DVLA registration, a number plate, charge, PDI and test ride, remembering that this bike will be

exempt from tax because it is an electric vehicle, it doesn’t have to have an MOT for three years because it’s a new vehicle, and your insurance should be somewhere in the region of £500 to £700 depending on age, location, storage, and lots of different criteria you should be looking approximately £500 to £700 depending on your personal circumstances. Another thing to consider before you commit to buying one of these motorcycles is protective clothing. For a decent kit (Helmet Jacket Gloves Trousers and a decent set of boots) you are looking at about £350 to £500 but the sky is the limit on that one and also £80 for some good security devices.

Final thoughts

This is my personal opinion and takes it with a pinch of salt but here we go.

The VOGE ER10 is a 50/50 for me, on one hand, it has a lot of torque it looks cool and it is definitely a lot of fun. The price isn’t stupidly high like the zero (£16000) and for a commuter around town, this motorcycle is great. On the other hand, it isn’t the most comfortable bike, it is very stiff and one wrong speed moment could get you crying home to mama. The range is always going to be an issue, it can only be charged on a 3-pin plug. You can get a fast-charge version but it is £1000 more, so the big question is would I buy this bike for myself? the answer is no!!! that being said I would happily have fun on someone else’s for a bit, then go back to petrol. The time for electric is coming but is it here? I’m saying no.

Thank you for reading my review. You can watch my test ride and review videos on this bike on YouTube @ridingreviews the are links below but as always (RIDE SAFE)

If you wish to purchase this bike please contact our friends at cheapbikesrus on 01908 3119889 for the best price


Hello, I have a Voge ER10, bought in Portugal and I've never heard of a fast charging version, after reading your article, I've been looking on the internet and I haven't found it either. Could you tell me where this version exists?


Jan 04, 2023

Think I'll stick to petrol bikes too, looking to part ex my Yamasaki ym50re for a 125cc either that or somehow out a bigger engine in the Yamasaki.

Replying to

This is fun, but ye, i agree with you

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