Lexmoto Hunter 50cc review

Updated: May 22, 2021

Today we are going to look at the Lexmoto hunter 50 cc this is a retro-designed 50cc geared motorbike designed with 16-year-old in mind it is a fairly low spec bike for a low cost as it comes in at £1199 on the road and its sister bike witch is essentially the same thing but with a bit of a modern feel but they are still the same bike the lexmoto aspire comes in at £1349 and that is the same price as the fosti F50 witch is a better bike all round if it is a motorbike for the lowest cost then the Lexmoto hunter is a good fit it is a good size motorbike it comes with gears so when you decide to go for a larger capacity bike you will be able to get on and ride straight away with no real difficulty and it also comes with a luggage rack so you can fit additional storage for your helmet 

Good points

A cheap price to ride away you will need to pay£1199 OTR

Cheap to run the tax is £20 a year and it does between 130 to 150 MPG 

and insurance should be about £350 to £500

It will still be worth about £700 to £900 after a year depending on the condition 

Comfortable and reliable as long as you service it when needed 

Bad points 

aesthetically not as cool looking as say the Fosti Yamasaki or Aprilia 

The restriction isn't very nice on this bike it is a bit over restricted 

A lack of torque due to restriction 



Model Name

Lexmoto Hunter 50 E4

Model Code


Fuel Capacity

12 Litres



45 kph

Max Power

(3.0 hp) 2.2kW @ 8500

Max Torque

2.6Nm @6500


Engine Brand


Engine Type

Single Cylinder

Engine Stroke

4 Stroke

Engine Cooling

Air Cooled


49 cc

Clutch Type

Hand Operated

Gear Type

4 Speed

Drive Type


Start Type

Electric Start


Front Brake

Hydraulic Disc

Rear Brake


Front Tyre


Rear Tyre


Tyre Model


Front Suspension

Telescopic Forks

Rear Suspension

Twin Shock Absorber



2070 mm


745 mm


1095 mm

Seat Height

740 mm


1295 mm

Mass in Running Order

96 kg

Maximum Laden Mass

246 kg


If you are a 16-year-old and need a cheap reliable motorbike with a 1-year warranty you wouldn't be happy with this bike and it will easily last the year the Honda derived engines are pretty much bulletproof as long as they are looked after and for the price, there isn't anything else on the market at this price 

lexmoto Hunter 50cc video review and test ride click link

you can purchase from  click link

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