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The Yamasaki F30: An Honest Review of this Commuter

Yamasaki F50 review

Are you in search of the right 50cc bike for you? Today, we are going to review the Yamasaki F30. This 50cc geared motorcycle has been a UK model since 2019.

This bike is perfect for a 16-year-old who is looking for a starter bike or someone who has held their license since at least February 2001 and wants to use their grandfather's entitlement for a cheap runabout.


It's important to remember that this is a 50cc motorbike and it will never be the fastest bike in the world. However, it comes with a rather good spec and a decent size. It has a set of 17" cast wheels with hydraulic brakes on the front and a drum on the back. Additionally, it has digital clocks, LED indicators, and LED rear and side lights.

The engine is a Honda-derived {NOT A HONDA} EFI 49cc 4-stroke OHC 4-speed, which produces approximately 3HP in its restricted form and can get you to 30 MPH. This can be derestricted easily by changing the front sprocket, and it can then reach speeds of approximately 45 MPH. However, there are some things you need to consider before doing so.

It's important to note that this modification will change the category of the bike from a moped to a motorbike. As a result, a 16-year-old isn't allowed to ride a motorbike, as a moped is a vehicle that cannot exceed 30 MPH. Additionally, it can affect your engine warranty, depending on who you get it from, and it could be classified as a modification by your insurance company. Please take all this into consideration before modifying your moped.


Despite having a small engine, this is a big bike. It has a seat height of 780mm, making it comfortable for even someone 6ft and taller to sit and ride. Some thought has gone into the design, as it boasts upside-down forks, wave disks, and a trellis frame, which make it seem like a bigger bike. This is what people want; they don't want to look like they're on a 50cc. They want people to think they're on something much bigger, like a 600cc.

The 360-degree LED lights also help with visibility, making the bike safer to ride.


The Yamasaki F30 is a comfortable bike to ride, with a nice upright seating position and good handlebar placement. You don't have to stretch, making it comfortable for a long ride, which is great since you'll likely be riding for extended periods. However, the seat on this bike is a bit hard, and so is the suspension. After a while, you may start to experience some discomfort in your backside. Also, it is the only 1 in the Yamasaki range that offers a back rack

Cost of riding

The price of this bike in 2023 is £1,599 + OTR, which is usually £150, but this can vary depending on where you buy it from. For insurance, I recommend BikeSure as they usually offer the cheapest rates. You should expect to pay around £500 to £700, although it can be cheaper. In London, the insurance cost will be considerably more. There's a link at the bottom of this page for more information.

In addition to the purchase and insurance costs, you also need to consider the running costs. To fill up the tank on this bike should cost approximately £17 and give you a range of around 350 miles. The bike will do over 100 MPG. Servicing will cost around £70 and should be done about every 6 months. Remember, this bike doesn't hold much oil, so it can get gummed up quickly.

Finally, you should also consider safety gear. The legal requirement in the UK is a helmet, but you should also wear a motorcycle jacket, gloves, boots, and a pair of motorcycle trousers. Most riders don't wear trousers, but it's highly recommended. All the safety equipment should cost around £230 to start.

Final thought's

If you are 16 years old and looking for your first bike, the Yamasaki F30 would be a good choice. It offers a high spec at a low cost, but it is a slow bike and always will be. Once you pass 17 years old, I recommend going for a 125cc bike. It can go over double the speed and will be better suited for modern traffic than a 50cc. In my opinion, all 50cc motorcycles should not be restricted as it would be safer if the vehicle could keep up with the rest of the road


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