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Zontes ZT125-G1 scrambler Review 2021

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Zontes ZT125-G1 scrambler Review 2021 In this video, we will be looking at the zontes ZT125-G1 scrambler breaking the video down into 00:00 Intro 00:52 spec 03:00 design 04:44 comfort 06:06 cost of riding 08:55 pros and cons

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Review a good start to 2021

zontes zt125-u review a good start to 2021 Here we have the zontes zt125-u review a good start to 2021 we finally got to test one but the weight was definitely worth it so far this year this is the best you can get from the Chinese market and I don't foresee there being anything better it has all you could want on a 125cc keyless ignition led lights USB port and the 10.8kw engine

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A latest generation, Euro 4 specification, sports styled Zontes motorcycle...the Scorpion 125 is a stunner.
Featuring electronic fuel injection by Japanese sector leaders Mikuni, coupled to an ultra-reliable Zontes motor with overhead camshaft and centrally mounted counterbalance shaft, which delivers smooth power with great torque. Though sporty in style the Scorpion is ideal for everyday commuting and a perfect learner bike with features such as a digital gear indicator display.
Stunning sharp design lines and accents transit from the headlight, through the body panels, terminating at the compact LED rear lamp.  Further LED lights are utilised in integrated front indicators and bright day time running lights. Your safety is enhanced further with a combined braking system that links front and rear disc brakes which deliver unparalleled stopping power.


Adventure bike review 2020

zontes t310 adventure bike review 2020 The T310 is the perfect lightweight Adventure bike for A2 license holders or riders looking for a more agile mount. One of the latest generations of Zontes models, the T310 boasts a list of the specification to rival all other motorcycles in this sector. At the heart of the bike lies the very latest engine design from Zontes, a 312cc, four-valve, DOHC, the single-cylinder motor with a high 12.5:1 compression ratio. Based around an all-aluminum, nickel silicon carbide plated cylinder, designed to manage heat dissipation for durability and performance, the engine runs in both Eco and Sport modes offering excellent versatility. Camshafts running in harmony with a mid-mount balance shaft reduces friction and vibration, again adding to durability with the added benefit of making for a smooth comfortable ride. A dry sump with an external frame reservoir keeps the internal parts well lubricated and reduces engine drag to offer improved fuel consumption.