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Elevate your ambiance with our 5-meter 5050 LED Strip, now featuring Bluetooth and app-controlled functionality. Enjoy a vibrant spectrum of colors including white, yellow, green, purple, and more, with each strip containing 15 LED beads per meter, ensuring a luminous glow to enhance any space.

Our 24-key remote operates on a CR2025 battery (not included), readily available for purchase in your local market or through contacting our seller for assistance.

Choose from our selection of remotes: (1) IR set or 3-key set: IR remote/3-key remote control for straightforward operation without the need for an app. (2) Bluetooth set: Enjoy remote control and app functionality for convenient customization. (3) WiFi set: Experience both remote control and app control, compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for seamless integration into your smart home setup.

This LED strip operates at 5V and is non-waterproof, suitable for indoor use.

CR2025 Required for remote 

Illuminate Your Space with our 5m 5050 RGB LED Strip

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