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Watch out for this one. The CFMoto 450NK is a bike that demands attention, particularly in the lively lightweight sport-naked category.

In the world of spirited rides, where competitors like the Kawasaki Z400 and KTM 390 Duke reign supreme, the CFMoto 450NK emerges not just as a contender but as a potential heavyweight in the segment. Our test ride in the United Kingdom was damp and cold but very enjoyable.

Design and Build:

At first glance, the 450NK presents an eye-catching figure, with a design that leans towards the slim and sharp aesthetics reminiscent of the KTM 390 Duke. Unique and distinctive, CFMoto deserves praise for crafting a bike that stands out in a crowded field. The slim seat and approachable 79.2cm seat height make it a welcoming choice for riders of varying experience levels. Quality-wise, the bike excels, shedding the plasticky feel of its predecessors for a more solid touch in key areas. However, some minor seat-related issues and a divisive "Riding Machine" text don't overshadow the overall positive design impression.


Powered by a 449cc parallel-twin engine with a 270-degree firing order, the 450NK is a wheelie enthusiast's dream. The motor, reminiscent of the MT-07, delivers an exhilarating experience, offering both torque in the lower RPM range and horsepower up top. With 47 horses under the hood and 39 Nm of torque, the bike provides an exciting yet controlled ride. The claimed top speed of 105 MPH is more than adequate for most riding scenarios, though stability at higher speeds could benefit from suspension tweaks. The KYB suspension, while budget-friendly, leans towards comfort, resulting in some bounciness on rough roads. Braking, courtesy of J.Juan brakes, is satisfactory, but the bike's lightness affects overall stability.

Riding Experience:

Weighing a mere 165 kilograms, the 450NK is a joy to handle, especially in low-speed maneuvers. The engine's torque delivery in the lower RPM range makes for a lively and responsive ride, perfect for urban environments and gymkhana enthusiasts. Technological features, including traction control and anti-lock brakes, contribute to a safe and enjoyable riding experience. The TFT screen gauge cluster, while clear, exhibits a slight delay. The bike's LED lighting system, including a projector LED headlight, adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Watch Out For:

The star of the show is undoubtedly the engine. While the suspension and safety systems could use refinement, the overall package is well-rounded. The suspension, geared more towards comfort, may not pose an issue for beginners initially, Priced at £4999 in the UK, it presents a competitive option in its segment. However, its success in other markets, including Europe, remains to be seen.


The CFMoto 450NK enters the scene with a unique design and a punchy engine that sets it apart from its competitors. While it may face some challenges, particularly in suspension tuning and brand recognition, it has the potential to be a winner for both beginners and seasoned riders. keeps a watchful eye on this intriguing addition to the sport-naked category, eager to see how it performs in the dynamic world of two-wheeled adventures.

Big Thanks :

I extend my gratitude to The Bike Sanctuary for generously providing me with the opportunity to review this bike. If you're considering purchasing one of these bikes, I encourage you to explore their offerings on their website. The Bike Sanctuary delivers nationwide, ensuring you can easily acquire the bike of your choice. Happy riding!

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