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Welcome to Riding reviews, this page is for CBRS motorcycle reviews we have reviews on most of there models so if it is a 50cc retro motorbike or a 125cc or bigger then you have come to the right place to review before you buy 

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Yamasaki 50cc geared moped range

Yamasaki 50cc geared moped range in this video, we will be having a quick look at the Yamasaki 50cc geared moped range this is the f66 f30 f50 and the Yamasaki YM50/RE if you are interested in buying any of these bikes please visit Yamasaki.co.uk

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Yamasaki F60

The cheapest 50cc scrambler in the UK

Yamasaki F60 the cheapest 50cc scrambler in the UK in this video, the first in the UK of the Yamasaki F60 50cc scrambler we will be taking a look and diving into the spec design and price these bikes are now available from 2 locations in the UK cheapbikesrus and speedway motorcycles


Leeway 50cc Delivery

50cc scooter designed for food deliveries

Today we are going to take a look at the new leeway Delivery 50cc scooter this bike is designed to be a delivery scooter and has been designed from the bottom up to be that


Yamasaki F50

50cc Geared Moped UK Review 2020

Yamasaki F50 50cc Geared Moped UK Review 2020 today we are going to look at the Yamasaki F50 50cc geared moped this was formerly known as the Fosti F50 this is a learner legal bike for a 16-year-old or someone who is using their grandfather rights on their car licence


Ride and review

Yamasaki YM50 RE Ride and review this bike was brought into the UK in early 2016 this was to replace the Yamasaki ym50-3d because the Yamasaki Ym50-3d wasn't going to be made euro 4 compliant so if we ordered any more in the UK they wouldn't pass the COC certification you need to get a bike =registered in the UK this is where the Yamasaki YM50 RE came in it came with some new features they were led front lights that can't be turned of an electronic carburation witch is the dell auto e carb system there was a couple of teething problems when they first came in but they have been getting steadily better with each order the main lights were failing on the first batch we had that sorted and there was a problem with the choke not engaging fully but this has also been remedied this is a £1699 and to some extent you get what you pay for they are not a £4300 Aprilia rs 50 but they cost half the price do you want to pay that much for a bike you are only going to be riding fro a year


Nooma yamasaki 125cc

Euro 4 sports motorbike

Nooma yamasaki 125cc euro 4 sports motorbike
here we have the nooma 125 the big brother of the yamasaki 50cc it come with a 125cc push rod engine that is fuel injected outputting about 8hp which will get you up to about 70mph when it is run in this is a sports motorbike loosely based on the Yamaha R3 it is euro 4 spec with combined breaking fuel injection and headlights that are on all the time


Yamasaki YM50-RE

riding review test ride 2020 model

Yamasaki ym50-re riding review test ride 2020 model
why should you consider the Yamasaki ym50 for a bike the Aprilia rs 50cc come in at £4099 +£100 OTR the Yamasaki ym50 re come in at £1599 +£100 OTR they have a similar look but the Aprilia will, of course, be a bit better quality but for a bike that you will only use for 1 year is it worth the extra £2300


Fosti F50 MK2 50cc riding reviews

Fosti F50 MK2 50cc riding reviews
so here we have the fosti f50 50cc geared moped it has 4 gears and a top speed of 46mph it is great for a 16-year-old to use for a bit of fun or to use a commuter bike and for £1375 it is fairly cheap for someone to ride around on


Fosti F50

More information by riding reviews

Fosti f50 more information by riding reviews so I was asked by one of my subs (king kebab) to make a more in-depth video on the Fosti F50 49cc moped so here we are


Champ CM50cc

The cheapest geared 50cc in the UK

Champ CM50cc The cheapest geared 50cc in the UK
this bike is a euro 4 compliant geared motorbike it is based loosely on a Honda ss50 from the 1980 and a Yamaha FS1E for the 1970 also known as a fizzy the motor of this bike would bolt straight into ether of these retro bikes and vise versa also most of the parts from the Honda ss50 would bolt straight on as they have a very similar pressed frame


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