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What my site offers 


I have ridden over 5000 small capacity motorcycles and this puts me a unique position to be able to give honest reviews of many different types of motorcycle 


I have been making video reviews for about a year on YouTube I have over 1.25 million views and 5000 subscribers and 300 videos 


I am a motorcycle PDI mechanic and am in the unique position to have access to many different models of both bikes and tools and I would like to share my knowledge to help new and experienced riders 

Why Ridingreviews 

I am Chris the creator of riding reviews I have been a mechanic for many years working 

on thousands of small capacity motorcycles, I found that a lot of new riders were in need 

of information, Whether it is on which bike to buy, how to ride them or how to maintain them,

so I decided to use the knowledge I have accrued over the years to help people who need it. 

Have a look around there is a lot of information if you need help there is a forum you can ask questions and lots of information so you should be able to find something you need