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Hi!  I’m Chris, a mechanic for Cheap Bikes R Us, a motorcycle dealership based in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom.

My job is to PDI and test ride motorbikes, putting me in a unique position to review many different types, makes and models.  I have ridden over 3000 different motorbikes ranging from 50cc starter bikes to beefy cruisers, from commuter bikes to Supermoto, and it is my aim to share my knowledge and experience with you! 

I am an avid rider myself and have owned quite a few bikes including a Yamaha Fazer 600cc, Ninja 600, ZZR 600, VTR 1000, and currently a Pan European 1100cc.

So how am I helping?

I have a YouTube channel: Riding Reviews, where I review and test ride motorbikes.  This page is an extension of that, where I will be doing written reviews next to the video reviews.  I also have a Facebook page where you can join the community and ask questions and get a fast response.

Ultimately, I hope I can convey my knowledge and experience to help people on their journey to purchasing or upgrading their motorbikes...


Upcoming events

Upcoming Reviews

So Zontes have asked me to do an honest review of there new ZT125-U this one has been on the cards for a while but due to covid this had to be put on the back burner  but with Borris starting to relax the rules this is something that should happen soon

So lexmoto have asked me to go to lexmoto in exeter and do an honest review of there LXR380 again as soon as the lockdown is relaxed this can be done

So it shows the reach of my reviews now Sinnis reached out to me asking if I Would review and ride there new Sinnis T125 Adventure this will be an extended test series ad I will have the bike for 2 weeks 


Yamasaki YM50/RE Review

Introduction Today we are going to talk about the bike i learnt my trade on this is a the Yamasaki YM50 RE now in the UK there have been...


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